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 We...  Build - Repair - Convert - Upgrade most bikes

We mainly use BAAFANG equipment as they are the market leader but we can also cater for other manufacturers.

Your old bike can be converted to an electric bike, we use various kits e.g. Front wheel drive – Rear wheel drive – Mid-Drive (this is the most popular of the three), this motor replaces your original pedals and installs in place of them this is known as the “Bottom Bracket” see pictures for more information.

rear-drive         rear-drive2       mid-drive           front-drive

Motors come in various sizes: 250watt  (Classed as "Street  Legal"), 500watt, 750watt & 1,000watt (These are classed as "Off-Road" and can reach speeds of over 40mph and great for mountain bikes)

All bikes come with a digital display and speed controller (see below) plus new electronic Brake Levers. Lights and Mud guards can also be fitted if required.
Batteries come in various sizes to suit the motor being fitted and all are lockable and supplied with 2 keys.

battery               display1                 display2